The Hunt Club Swamp

New Mexico

The Rule


Get your sombrero ready as we secured another great location in Chama New Mexico in the famous Unit #4. Trophy Elk hunts in this area run as high as $25,000 and daily fishing rates of $575. Now you can enjoy the beauty of this pristine area at only a fraction of the cost without sacrificing quality. This hunting area includes property located in the mountain region and when the snow flies be ready, as all the Elk migrate down into the valley where you can see hundreds of Elk in one area. OR, for those wanting more excitement, come hunt during the bugle season. Either way, this area is known for it's monster trophies and sure to be an experience you won't forget!


All hunts are subject to Canadian GST/HST sales tax. Hunts include food and lodging. License fees and transportation to camp is not included.

The Hunt Club Swamp