The Hunt Club Swamp


The Rule


This hunt takes place in and around Moore Haven. Daylight hunts are done off the swamp buggy or truck by traveling the swamps, fruit groves, irrigation trenches and water ways throughout the area. We can hunt for Alligators year round January through December. For Public Water Air Boat Hunts Aug 15th through Sept 15th call for pricing & tag availability.

Our Florida Team has all the “big boy toys” to make your hunt nothing short of amazing. We have done this hunt multiple times and had 100% success! Hunt during the daylight hours all summer long in trucks & swamp buggies or hunt the dark erie nights with an air boat in the middle of the Everglades during August 15th through September 15th.

Hunt with any weapon of your choice. Either way, this hunt will land you a lifetime of memories and a great mount for your trophy room!


All hunts are subject to Canadian GST/HST sales tax. Hunts include food and lodging. License fees and transportation to camp is not included.

The Hunt Club Swamp